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Pain on running?

Recent Injury?

Persistent Recurring Injury?

Have you tried all the shoes in the world to ‘fix’ the pain you get when out running?

Have you seen every therapist under the sun to rid yourself of the constant back pain that you get on exercise?

It is possible that your body might not be moving at it’s optimum.

You probably have layers of compensation mechanisms affecting the way you move.

With the unique Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) methodology, we can get your body moving properly.
You can learn to move more confidently with less pain and more flexibility within six weeks.

Some people, having thought they would never run again have managed to get back into racing. Other people told they needed surgery have been able to avoid the knife.

Why not give it a try and see if we can help you improve your movement, increase your efficiency and maybe even run quicker.


Movement Rehabilitation

Do you keep getting injured?

Are you desperately hoping you don't need a knee or hip replacement?

Are you unable to do the sport you love?

When the body is not moving properly, we injure ourselves.

Rehabilitation is necessary for recovery after injury and to protect from re-injury.

The order in which muscles contract is really important and a lot of the time, injury is caused by incorrect contraction sequences.

I am the first and only practitioner in the North West and Manchester area to use the unique Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) methodology which underpins movement rehabilitation.

With this unique approach, rehabilitation after injury is a lot easier. We work to reprogramme the brain and muscles together in a fun, active, six-week programme.

Running Technique Training

Do you want to run?

Have you been injured and demoralised at your lack of progress?

Are you looking to get faster or run further?

Does another parkrun competitor always beat you?

The six weeks will help to correct running technique and provide muscular reprogramming for correction of movement patterns that lead to injury. You won't be winning the London Marathon but you should be able to start to run with the best possible start.

The programme is simple and fun and will help you get mobile and fit or improve your speed and prevent injury.

First, we assess your running technique and functional movement. Then we start to rehabilitate to fix any incorrect movement patterns. Six, weekly, hour-long sessions can begin to turn you into the runner you wish to become. The programme is individually targeted and suitable for all levels and ages.


Results after 6 weeks

Pain Level
Movement Comfort
Efficiency Gain

Book Assessment

Come and have a movement and running analysis in our Manchester Running Centre.


Our Team



Osteopath | Certified Running Technique Specialist | Movement Coach

Alex trained as an osteopath and has continued to further his ability to help people recover from injury by training in active rehabilitation and becoming a Certified Running Technique Specialist.

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