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Rehabilitation reprogramming

Rehabilitation is necessary for recovery after injury and to protect from re-injury.
When the body is not moving properly, we injure ourselves. The sequence in which muscles contract is really important and a lot of the time, injury is caused by incorrect contraction sequences.

It can be quite easy to get the body out of pain, it is what Osteopaths do all the time, but to keep your body pain free is often a more complex issue.

I believe that proper rehabilitation from injury and pain should include both active and passive input. I can provide the ‘passive’ with Osteopathy. Patients in pain receive treatment without their own active participation. Osteopathic intervention is really effective in reducing pain, increasing mobility and improving circulation. The next part needs the patient’s active involvement.


I am the first and only practitioner in the North West and Manchester area to use the unique Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) methodology. Running Technique coaching is based on DMS, as is active rehabilitation. Combining it with Osteopathy significantly speeds up your recovery.

With this unique approach, rehabilitation after injury is a lot easier. We work to reprogramme the brain and muscles together in a fun, active, six-week programme.
DMS causes the brain to work really hard by learning new information at the same time as moving. This makes the brain release a large amount of a chemical called brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Our brains use BDNF to create new nerve pathways. With a six week course of training, the new nerve pathways lead to new muscle movement patterns. By the end of the course, the body has changed it’s metabolism and fixed the new movements as ‘normal’ movements.

If you are experiencing recurrent injury, it is likely that movement repatterining rehabilitation will be really helpful for you. We have had great success in rehabilitation of knees and hips and an ankle sprain recovers really well with the approach. With hundreds of stepping touches on the bottom of your feet, the training reprogrammes your brain, repeatedly reminding it where your feet are, and with this, lighting up the whole of the body’s spatial awareness and co-ordination. This awareness is known as proprioception.


In six weeks, co-ordination and movement precision improves. Repeating movements over and over will create new, correct muscle firing sequences. When the patterns of movement are right, your efficiency improves. Correct movement prevents injury, allowing you to live better, move better and train more, without pain.


All sessions are 1 hour.


– initial analysis
– 6-week course
– One-off coaching
– 12-week course
– 18-week course

Under 16s:

– initial analysis
– 6-week course
– One-off coaching
– 12-week course