Injury Basics 2 – Sprains and their treatment

Dealing with a sprain A sprain is different from a strain. Muscles get strained, ligaments and the tough capsule around a joint get sprained. Ligaments and joint capsules Ligaments attach bone to bone. They provide the stability in the body and guide joint movement. Ligaments around the joints prevent the surfaces separating too far. They […]

Injury Basics 1 – Muscle Strains and how to treat them

Injury Basics – Muscle strain Injury and how to deal with it It is likely at some time in our lives we will all get an injury – sprain a joint or strain a muscle. They are painful but mostly transient. They also serve as a reminder to live a little more carefully. Sometimes an […]

10000 Steps

10,000 steps origins The manpo-kei was made and marketed away back in 1965 by a Japanese company. The name quite literally translates as “10000 steps meter”; a pedometer with a name to match. The general public rapidly and gleefully accepted the device which became an almost instant success, along with the ideas that it propagated. […]

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